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Standard Operating Procedure for Brantford and Ohsweken Eye Care

How to clean with Bi-Oh:

  1. wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before starting. DO not touch your face with your hands.
  2. wear a mask and a visor shield
  3. Make sure no one approaches your work area (social distancing guideline).
  4. If you need to cough or sneeze, step away from the workstation (5 meters or more) and cough or sneeze in your elbow
  5. Spray Bi-Oh cleaner liberally on all surfaces of the eyewear. Leave the product on for 20 seconds just like when you wash your hands. You can spray other eyewear during that time.
  6. After 20 seconds, use a microfiber to wipe eyewear thoroughly. Although there is no risk of cross contamination on the microfibre, since the virus has been destroyed it is nonetheless a good sanitary practice to fold the microfibre and use different sides to wipe. Change microfibres regularly as they will tend to get greasy after frequent use. Wash microfibers with regular laundry detergent and do not use fabric softener.
  7. Once a frame has been manipulated by a client this frame should not be put back on the display, but there should be a designated place for frames that need to be sanitized.

To AVOID damaging frames, do not clean with -acid based chemical cleaners, solutions and wipes with high alcohol content

Dispensers are responsible for disinfecting the pupillometer, Optikam gadget, pens, rulers, patient chair, surfaces or anything else touched by the patient after every interaction using hydrogen peroxide, 70% alcohol or Bi-Oh.

Our pupillometer will have a face shield